Cyclothymic Disorder And Bipolar Disorder


Cyclothymic disorder and bipolar disorder are both mental illnesses.

Do they go hand in hand? Is cyclothymic a precursor of things to come? Does it transition into full blown bipolar disorder?

With the clinical depression disorders that exist today you must be aware that some clinical depression disorders, almost as a warning sign of the future. You must watch for the warning signs.

Many of those who suffer with cyclothymic disorder are quite likely to develop full blown bipolar disorder.

Cyclothymic disorder exhibits many of the same symptoms of bipolar disorders, such as the extreme highs nor the extreme lows of bipolar depression; however, neither the manic highs nor the depressive lows well known to be associated with bipolar last very long and they are not especially tough to deal with at this early stage. For this reason in this early stage of the game, cyclothymic disorder is not referred to as called bipolar disorder.

Let's really understand the distinction here.

At this early phase of symptoms, cyclothymic disorder truly mimics bipolar disorder with the only change being that the highs and lows are not as severe nor do they last as long nor are they completely disruptive to life.

However, this is a serious matter as cyclothymic disorder has a high probability of converting into full blown bipolar disorder and so it must be aggressively treated in this early phase for the best possible outcome.

Cyclothymic disorder can begin to rear its ugly head in early adulthood or in some cases even in the late teen years.

Cyclothymic disorder is known to essentially affect both males and females equally, with only a slightly higher percentage of females being affected.

Cyclothymic disorder seems to have a genetic component as evidenced by the fact that many of those suffering from cyclothymic disorder also have a family member who has suffered from bipolar disorder. Many also have a family history of drug and alcohol abuse.

It is quite important that anyone suffering with cyclothymic disorder avoid all drugs and alcohol as they can further complicate any mental health disorder as well as interrupt treatment progress.

Remember that someone suffering from cyclothymic disorder will not exhibit severe symptoms such as those usually seen with bipolar disorder. These symptoms that you see will be much milder but they absolutely, positively will affect your daily life.

It is also important to remember that you must seek treatment as soon as you see these symptoms since ignoring them can only make them worse and can make treatment much more difficult. Cyclothymic disorder treatment typically encompasses combination therapy, including medication as well as counseling. Particularly with this disorder, combination therapy is vitally important.

In fact one therapy will not work without the other. Unlike other types of depression, using only an antidepressant as treatment is not necessarily the only prescription medication that will be required.

Your physician may also add mood stabilizing drugs in an attempt to help with the highly variable mood swings that can be so unbearable and can change at a moment's notice. Your physician may also add a sleep medication to help regulate nighttime sleep.

As we all know, there is no cure for mental illness. It is something that must be managed throughout life. Cyclothymic disorder is no different from any other mental illness.

There is no cure. However, with appropriate medication and aggressive treatment you have a shot at feeling that life is worth getting up out of the bed each and every day. Ignoring cyclothymic disorder will not make it go away; it will only lead to a more tragic situation.

Seek help. It is the right thing to do.

For more important information on anxiety & depression be sure to visit where you will find advice and tips on anxiety self help, depression symptoms, and more.

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