Natural Cures - Why All The Confusion?

There is a lot of confusion and controversy regarding the topic of natural cures. What is natural cures? Does it really work? Do many people use natural therapies? What's the reasoning behind natural medicine? How do I find out which nutrients to take? Why doesn't my doctor prescribe these nutrients if they are so effective? Why do the labels on vitamins, mineral and herbs say that they are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease? Let's address each these questions.

What is a natural cure?
Terms such as natural cures, natural medicine and naturopathy are very similar and used intermittently. They all refer to a form of health care that uses diet, herbs, vitamins and minerals to prevent or cure bodily diseases. The goal is to strengthen the body's immune system so that the body can cure itself of an existing disease or prevent other diseases from forming, without the use of synthetic drugs.

Does it really work?
Speaking from personal experience, yes. I have been cured of repeating bouts of sinusitis, my wife has had relief from arthritis and acid reflux and my daughter has had a reduction in pain from a pancreatic condition. However, for someone who has never experienced it, it is hard to believe that something as simple vitamin C can help where medicines have not. No belief is necessary; the proof is in trying it.

Do many people use natural therapies?
Yes, today, many people are choosing to use natural therapies (In varying degrees) over orthodox medical treatment because they are safer, less expensive, and in many instances more effective than drugs.

What's the reasoning behind natural medicine?
Most drugs are poisonous to the body. Want proof? Just read the warning labels as to the possible side effects. Some drugs even list death?as a side effect! I think death?is more than a side effect. In most cases, drugs only mask the symptoms of a disease and trick our brains that the pain and discomfort has diminished or left. Actually, the disease is still present in the body and will run its course until your body's immune system (if it's strong enough) either destroys or eliminates it. Drugs only address the symptoms of a disease not the causes. Natural medicine addresses the causes of a disease. For example, one cause of a migraine headache is a deficiency of magnesium in the body; not a deficiency of aspirin. Taking aspirin will relieve the pain symptom, but not the cause of the pain. Taking a magnesium supplement will eliminate the deficiency which in turn will cure the headache.

How do I find out which nutrients to take?
Most people find out what to take through self-study and research, They'll read books, websites, magazines etc. pertaining to the subject. Many people also learn by the word of mouth from people who have tried a natural remedy and had great success. You may also seek out a course on natural medicine or a naturopathic doctor (but they may be hard to find).

Why doesn't my doctor prescribe these nutrients if they are so effective?
There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that he/she probably has not had any training whatsoever in vitamins, minerals and herbs. Most medical doctors (MDs) have been taught from day one that treating the symptoms with drugs is the only reasonable therapy and to be closed-minded to anything else. Pharmacists are taught the same way. Want proof? Just ask your doctor or pharmacist if they took any classes on natural medicines when they were in school. However, a doctor of osteopathy (DO) is a little less closed-minded because they're trained more in preventative medicine and do have some nutrition knowledge.

Another reason that doctors do not prescribe nutrients is because they are pressured by the pharmaceutical companies and their own peers not to. There exists within the medical community an unwritten rule of consensus medicine, a protocol of not bucking the system? Drug companies cannot patent nutrients and control their prices like they can with the chemical drugs they manufacture. Therefore, they pressure medical review boards to pressure their member doctors to follow protocol and prescribe only drug therapies whether they work or not. The doctors that deviate from this protocol may lose their professional standing, be condemned as a quack, lose hospital privileges and possibly be subject to arrest.

Why do nutrients have disclaimer labels?
Why do the labels on vitamins, mineral and herbs say that they are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease?
Again, this is the result from the efforts of the pharmaceutical companies to control the medical marketplace. They lobbied the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have Congress pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which states that only a drug can legally make a claim to treating, curing or preventing any disease. Therefore, nutritional supplement manufacturers must have that disclaimer label on all their products or risk being shut down by the FDA.

In conclusion, the primary cause of all the confusion concerning natural cures can be traced back to the elites of the drugs industry. These elitists are only concerned about corporate profits and have absolutely no concern for the general public. Many ill people, who may be helped or cured by a natural remedy, will suffer and die because of this greed.

Disabled from illness,George Trams self-studied natural cures. He saw a blatant disregard for natural methods. Knowing that all treatment options were not being disclosed, he created the natural cures blog at

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